Digitized Acrylic Art

Welcome to the World of Digicrylics!

After many years of enjoying traditional photography (see here), I developed techniques for creating and photographing my acrylic paintings, combining them with real world textures, then developing the final image, layer by layer, in Photoshop. 

More recently, I have been photographing dead trees while hiking high altitude trails in Wyoming and New Mexico. As I did with the my acrylic paintings, I have combined these images with various textures. I found this endeavor so compelling that I am in the process of publishing a book featuring these tree images: Life After Leaf: An Artistic Celebration of Yellowstone’s Dead Trees. Book release is projected to be October 2022. You can read more about this project at the Life After Leaf Page of this site.

To learn more about my art, visit the About Page. Enjoy!

Erich Vieth
Saint Louis, Missouri